KYT Americas Teams Up with Thailand Moto Tours as Official Helmet Partner

KYT Americas Teams Up with Thailand Moto Tours as Official Helmet Partner

In an exciting collaboration, KYT Americas has joined forces with Thailand Moto Tours to provide top-of-the-line helmets for their off-road and on-road adventures. This partnership aims to elevate the safety and experience of motorcycle enthusiasts exploring the stunning landscapes of Northern Thailand.

Childhood best friends and avid motorcyclists, Brian D'Apice and Brandon Cretu, have been visiting and/or living in Thailand since 2010.  They have always enjoyed showing their friends around this beautiful country and decided it was time to show Thailand the way they have seen it!

Over ten years in the making, Brian and Brandon have done all the hard work to offer the most curated, boutique, unique, and personal experience any tour company has to offer.  

With the choice between an off-road enduro tour or an on-road supermoto adventure, Thailand Moto Tours gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to braap through the lush mountains and valleys of Thailand’s Chiang Mai province while also experiencing the life-changing Thai culture and hospitality.

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Off-Road Excursions with KYT Skyhawk Dirt Helmet

For thrill-seekers interested in venturing way off the beaten path, through the rugged terrain of Thailand, the Skyhawk stands as the pinnacle of protection and performance, and is Thailand Moto Tours’ helmet of choice.

Italian engineered, this helmet is specifically designed to endure the challenges of off-road riding. Worn by hard-enduro legends, Graham Jarvis and Taddy Blazusiak, its lightweight yet durable construction, coupled with advanced ventilation systems, ensures riders stay cool and comfortable even in the most demanding conditions. With its tri-fiber composite shell and superior impact absorption, the Skyhawk provides riders with the confidence to conquer any trail with ease. The Skyhawk is available with Mips® system.


On-Road Adventures with R2R Sport Touring Helmet

For those embarking on scenic road trips and touring adventures, the R2R sport touring helmet by KYT Americas offers unparalleled comfort and safety.

Featuring a drop-down sun visor, sleek aerodynamic design and cutting-edge technology, this helmet provides riders with enhanced visibility, reduced wind noise, and maximum protection on long journeys. Its plush interior lining and adjustable fit guarantee a snug and secure fit for hours of riding pleasure—even in the hottest conditions. Whether cruising along coastal highways or navigating mountainous terrain, the R2R ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride every time.


Elevating Safety Standards and Riding Experience

By partnering with KYT Americas, Thailand Moto Tours demonstrates its commitment to prioritizing rider safety and satisfaction. With KYT's reputation for excellence in helmet design and innovation, riders can trust that they are equipped with the best gear available for their adventure. Whether tackling challenging off-road trails or cruising through picturesque landscapes, participants can focus on the thrill of the ride knowing they are protected by state-of-the-art helmets.

The partnership between KYT Americas and Thailand Moto Tours symbolizes the exciting growth and development of each company. By combining cutting-edge helmet technology with thrilling adventure experiences, they set a new standard for safety and enjoyment on the open road. Whether exploring rugged trails or cruising scenic highways, riders can embark on their journey with confidence, knowing they have the best equipment, and best team available.


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