Exciting Partnership Announcement!

Exciting Partnership Announcement!

KYT Americas Teams Up with Adobo Moto as Brand Ambassador for KYT Helmets

We are thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership between KYT Americas and the exciting motorcycle YouTuber and influencer, Adobo Moto. As our brand ambassador, Adobo Moto will represent KYT helmets across various platforms, bringing his passion for riding and his commitment to safety to the moto community.

Who is Adobo Moto?

Adobo Moto, a well-respected influencer and product ambassador in the motorcycling world, is known for his honest gear reviews and dedication to providing insightful and engaging video content for the moto community.

Asking Adobo Moto, whose real name is Paul, about how he got started, he said, “I started Adobo Moto in 2018. It was something I did for fun with the purpose of capturing my adventures on motorcycles so my kids would have something to watch in case anything ever happened to me while riding.”

As a Filipino-American, Paul got the name for Adobo Moto from the Philippines national dish, adobo.

Not just a pretty face, Paul has an extensive background in marketing.

“My experience with social media traces back to my background in marketing and branding. I've been a college professor for three years on the subject, and have been a marketing consultant for four years. YouTube is something that started in the garage of our old townhome in Tacoma and still operates out of my current home garage.” 

With a substantial following on social media, Adobo Moto has become a trusted voice among motorcycle enthusiasts, making him the perfect fit for KYT Helmets.

Why KYT Helmets?

At KYT Americas, we pride ourselves on creating helmets that offer unparalleled protection, comfort, and style. Our helmets are the result of extensive research and development, incorporating the latest technology and materials to ensure that every rider can enjoy their journey with confidence. By partnering with Adobo Moto, we aim to reach a broader audience and share our commitment to quality and innovation with more riders.

What This Partnership Means

  1. Enhanced Visibility: With Adobo Moto's extensive reach and influence, we are excited to showcase the benefits of KYT helmets to a larger audience. His authentic reviews and engaging content will highlight the unique features and advantages of our helmets.
  2. Community Engagement: Adobo Moto's vibrant community of followers will have the opportunity to learn more about KYT helmets through interactive content, exclusive giveaways, and collaborative events. This partnership will foster a deeper connection between our brand and the motorcycling community.
  3. Shared Passion for Safety: Both KYT Americas and Adobo Moto are committed to promoting safe riding practices. Together, we will advocate for the importance of wearing high-quality helmets and educating riders on the best safety gear available.

Looking Forward

As we embark on this exciting journey with Adobo Moto, we look forward to the innovative content that will emerge from this partnership. Keep an eye on our social media channels and Adobo Moto's platforms for upcoming announcements, product reviews, and special events.

We invite you to join us in welcoming Adobo Moto to the KYT Americas family. Together, let's ride safely and confidently into the future.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey.

KYT Americas Team

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