KYT helmet race Stefano_Mesa

KYT Americas is proud to offer contingency for the N2/WERA Endurance National Championship!

Contingency is available for all teams in Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Lightweight classes.

$150 "KYT credit" per team in each class for race wins.  Credit can be used to purchase helmets directly from KYT Americas.

KYT Americas will also offer a free helmet to each rider on each championship winning team with a maximum of 2 helmets per team.



-Teams/riders do not have to wear KYT to be eligible.

-To be eligible for the credit each team must submit race results, a race report, and (at minimum) photos of them on the podium within (1) week of race to

-To be eligible for the free helmets at the end of the season, each championship winning team must submit a team photo of them holding (2) KYT helmets (provided by N2) on the end of season podium and share on their social media...tagging @kytamericas

-Any questions can be submitted to