KYT has historically been focused on road racing—a company born from racing DNA. Our top athletes are world-class motorcycle racers; motorsport gladiators dragging their knee, elbow, and sometimes full body on the tarmac. We have decades of research and development dedicated to providing the highest level of protection in racing conditions. However, as we develop new technologies for motorsports, we are motorcycle purists at heart. That means, when we see a movement in the motorcycle culture that inspires us, we pay attention—even if it is not strictly racing.

Enter The Drifters Collective.

Merging several elements of motorcycle culture into one thrilling smoke-show, The Drifters Collective are single-handedly elevating the Harley drift scene from a sideshow to a main attraction. A combination of iron-horse choppers, stunters, café racers, and your local dive bar brawlers, The Drifters Collective are more than your average new-age Harley crew. Young, extremely talented, and business savvy, these lads can manipulate their rides with telepathic ease. Smoke pours from their tires as they drift and wheelie in circles, whipping the crowds (and ladies) into a frenzy.

 Matty 2_slicc is one of the founders of the group. A stylish and hardworking craftsman, he is the creative mind and business leader behind the Drifters. KYT sits down with Matty to learn more about the The Drifters Collective, who they are and where they’re going.


The way you all drift Harleys is crazy. I’m sure it takes a certain bike and build to be able to control those drifts. What do you ride?

 I ride a 2005 Harley Dyna Super Glide with extensive mods.


What are some of the mods?

The motor is a 95 cubic inch twin cam that is built from the crank up. Nowaskey Performance 14 inch shocks and front cartridges. Saddlemen step up seat. EBC pads and rotors. 21 inch front wheel with an 18 inch rear wheel for style points. Custom paint by Killerbee studios in Denver Colorado. Custom Pamela Anderson skid plate graphic for the smiles. Renthal Dirt bike handlebars. Stealth pipe exhaust. Thundermax tuner (tuned by Nowaskey Performance). Custom 49mm front end conversion. Nissin sport bike front brake master cylinder. CRF450 dirt bike throttle tube made to work on the Harley throttle body. 

Too much more to list... 

 I’m also working on a 2004 Harley Davidson Road King – the build is in progress but it’s a secret.

 Harley wheelie motorcycle

You don’t strike me as an average motorcyclist. How did you get into Moto?

 I started racing BMX at the age of 7, I was very fortunate to have a family that was interested in going racing so we traveled the country for a few years pretty hard, and because of that I became a national champion at the age of 10. I started to phase out of racing BMX when I found skate parks and decided to get more into the Freestyle BMX scene. I also started racing dirt bikes with my dad for a few years around that time but decided BMX was really what I was interested in. I Did that until I was 18 or so and then moved on from action sports to pursue being a mechanic. I purchased my first Harley (2003 HD Softail) from my best friend Robbie. We rode to an event one day where we watched some guys stunt ride Harleys. It has been pretty much downhill from there. I started stunt riding a Dyna I pieced together about 4 years ago now and about that time I met my now riding and business partner Chase (@Sdewys_). We instantly started traveling together and going to as many events as we could. 


So, who are The Drifters Collective?

 The Drifters are made up of Chase (@Sdewys_), Chris (@combo_chriss), Scotty Scrub (@Scrubfmx) and myself as the riders. Kenny (@mc.spanks) is on the microphone announcing the shows and we also have our film guy Nick, that travels with us to shoot all of our media alongside Matt Alberts who takes pictures and helps us stay organized for events. The Drifters is a stunt tour that travels the United States putting on events and attending contests like the Ride and Destroy BRAWL. We also work on media projects to promote our sponsors and products we choose to use on our bikes. We started The Drifters in hopes to legitimize what we were doing on our bikes with the goal of traveling the country doing what we love with our close friends. So far, we have been on the road almost non-stop and we have loved every minute of it. 


Your goals for The Drifters Collective?

 My goal for The Drifters is really just to see my friends use the skills they have to do something positive on motorcycles and hopefully experience some new things that maybe they wouldn't normally be able to otherwise. We also started a new YouTube channel this year and we have really loved working on those videos. I’d really love to see that channel grow and also see our website grow into something hopefully bigger then we could be individually. We love riding stunt shows for motorcycle industry events but I would love to see us expand those boundaries and maybe get some music event gigs or something like that. 

 Harley wheelie helmet

What is your take on the current stunt riding "scene"?

 We have grown to be a part of it so fast that its crazy to think about sometimes. Chase and I went to an event in Phoenix, Arizona when we knew absolutely no one in the scene about 4 years ago and we have been lucky enough to get into it pretty quickly. I think it’s growing at a very fast pace for sure, but I think we need more events for people to be a part of or it will just stay as an illegal sport that people do in the streets. Max with Ride and Destroy has really been a big inspiration for us just because he has done so much for the scene with having really the only contest series that gives people like us a platform to compete with other riders in a safe place. There are definitely some big egos and people that don't get along but that's anything in life. For the most part it’s all love and fun from people that have one thing in common. 


Why did you choose KYT?

 As someone that hasn't always taken safety seriously the one thing I’ve always told myself is that you can't put a price on your head. I want to keep myself and my friends as safe as possible and the best way to do that is putting a good helmet on our heads. KYT has just that and they look good too! It also really helps to have something light. A heavy helmet will definitely tire out your neck. The carbon NZ Race is super light and makes wearing a helmet all day easy.


Anyone else you'd like to thank?

 The list is so big. We have been very lucky to get the support that we have but just to name a few people that have helped us this year. 

Steve from Indie Ridge USA has kept our feet safe with riding boots. Matt from Rebel Reaper keeps us looking good. Pete from Nowaskey Performance has done so much for us with suspension and bike tuning and even helping us with getting our spare bike built for Sturgis. Robert from EBC Brakes got all of our bikes laced up with rotors and brake pads. Saddlemen seats with fresh seats for the year. Connor from Peak Performance in Denver, CO has helped us with bike maintenance a ton. Steve from Stealth Pipes has always had our backs with exhausts. Mad Hatter Industries, Cardo Systems with the tunes, and all the awesome people we have met along our travels that always lend a helping hand and help us spread positivity. 

 Harley rider helmet

Where can people find you?

 @2slicc on instagram and TikTok is our website on instagram 

And if you'd like to reach out to us for an event you can reach all of our team at


Thanks guys!

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